The Giants will be in Antwerp on June 19, 20 and 21 of 2015. We don’t know what will happen where, but if you are in Antwerp you won’t miss them. The Giants are always nice to look at, even when they are sleeping, but if you want to follow them on their route through the city, it’s best to come during the day.

The Giants are loved by all, even children! We expect lots of fans so bear in mind that it will be busy. Reserve enough time to pass by and seek them out. It’s really fun if you discover The Giants on your own.

Come by bike, we provide large bike racks on the Groenplaats and in Park Spoor Noord. It’s best to follow The Giant’s route on foot. Of course you can also arrive by public transportation. It will be very difficult to dive in town on these dates. Leave your car behind on a Park & Ride at the edge of the city.

The Giants are free and they’re for everyone so you don’t have to reserve tickets!

During The Giants’ visit you can spend the night in Antwerp. This summer there will be lots of other fun things to do in the city.

If you have any questions, we are located in the visitor centre on the Grote Markt and in the Central Train Station. Alternatively, you can call us on 078 15 62 63.


Grandma Giant sleeps as she travels through space, between two clouds in the Milky Way. On her journey she passes through the Planck Wall*. Her spirit strays gently from star to star, but her body is already here and rested.

She lives behind the great explosion billions of years ago, the Big Bang. The Giants live in this unfamiliar, immense world. Sometimes they travel to earth. Sometimes they travel to Antwerp...

The sweet Grandma has many memories. Lovely, ancient stories that she wants to share with everyone.


* Max Planck, Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1918, is one of the fathers of quantum theory. The Planck Wall is the boundary of knowledge about the universe.


Do you remember The Giant and his African friends who got Antwerp so excited in 1998? Did you see the Sultan of the Indies and his Time-Travelling Elephant in 2006? Were you there when The Little Girl Giant took a shower on Sint-Jansplein or when The Deep-Sea Diver was fished out of the Kattendijkdok in 2010?

It’s really special when The Giants visit Antwerp. They hold hundreds of thousands of people spellbound and their visit continues to vibrate for years.

The Lilliputians and The Giants of Royal de Luxe will be visiting Antwerp once again this year. It will be too beautiful to miss. Everyone who has encountered a Giant in the past knows that they simply must be in Antwerp on June 19, 20 or 21!


Read more about the history of The Giants and Royal de Luxe here.